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 Dating Fashion Mistakes
The secret to changing up your style and upgrading your look is to do it one piece at a time. Let’s take the frat boy who wants to upgrade to say a more fashionable hipster aesthetic. First you’d start by wearing slimmer (not skinny) jeans a few weekends in row, getting used to walking around in nicer jeans. Then you’d get rid of the New Balance running shoes and upgrade to some nicer dress shoes or boots with a pointier toe. Again walk around in them on the weekends get comfortable. Eventually you’d do the same wearing tighter more form fitting shirts, blazers, vests. You’d acquire and get used to your look one peace at a time. This allows you to build up your wardrobe and shop thinking about things you can buy that go with what you already have at home. Also this would be a more cost effective strategy than blowing your money on whole outfits in one day.

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 CA Online Dating
Let’s say you’re already on that young hipster look and want to upgrade even further to suit game aka baller status. This is a little bit more complicated and expensive but the theory is the same. The number one advice would be to invest in a sick tailor who comes well recommended that knows what the fuck their doing. You’re going to want to mess around with cuts and proportions. Once the suits are form fitting then you can start personalizing it to your personal style and comfort. Don’t be afraid to get jiggy with it. Wearing a rock t shirt, a polo shirt, or a dress shirt no tie three bottons undone. Rocking it with a fresh pair of Addidas classics. Again it’s all about tweeking it one piece at a time to match your comfort level. For myself this past winter I wanted to work on a back to basics rock star vibe. So invested in black Levi 501s and slimmer 514s, a couple of leather jackets and boots, and vintage rock t shirts and belts. In CA it was an easy way to stand out in certain venues whenever I wanted.

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 Dating Style
As a result of upgrading your style piece by piece you’d figure out what works and what doesn’t work, you’d get compliments on some pieces and no reaction to others. The point is to make this a gradual and natural change not only in your appearance but your comfort level in your new look. Don’t be surprised if you have girls you hangout with suddenly compliment you on your look out of the blue after upgrading slowly. Another advantage of owning different looks is the ability to dress more with your mood instead of being locked into a specific style.

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 CA Chicks Pickup
I while ago I wrote a little something something about picking up chicks in the gym and how to spit at them (Here). I have a little funny story. Getting closer to the end of my workout I walked over to the free weight dumbbell area of the gym. I picked up my weight and walked back to a seat. That’s when I noticed this sorta cute girl wearing a camo hat low, tight yoga pants and earplugs in place listening to her I Tunes. Now what she was attempting to do was one arm triceps kickbacks. But the way her elbow was dropped she was doing a movement closer to bicep curls. Bottom line is she looked fucking retarded. Normally I would have laughed especially if she was ugly and fat but baby girl had some potential. I decided to give her a quick pointer. CAUTION: Approaching a girl in the gym to show her how to do an exercise correctly is highly difficult and stinks of obvious approach. Most girls assume that they are experts and whatever they’re doing is correct. And they get irritated with the guy showing the girl how to do something. I would not recommend doing this for new guys who don’t really have enough game experience as you can see below it can get ugly.

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